• Soccer

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    The club for lawn plays Ruesselsheim (VfR) was created at the 6.Mai 1956 in „the Rosenhöhe “of a tradition restaurant at Ruesselsheim. Beside the sport enterprise the cultural and social life is maintained and organized. Further sporty offers were added over the years: Lady football, Damenhockey, gymnastic, cones, hiking and last the enterprise of a plant for the competition with electrical small car (RC-Car).

  • RC-Car

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    Many regard remote controlled cars perhaps only as toy. Without a doubt such models represent naturally for a long time no toy for children more, but can rather than supplementing hobby for autofans be regarded, that would like simply gladly gas to give and also times straight through the area tear. Youth and adults also fascinate the rapid and strong and fast RC car and thus in the model construction their hobby found. Each autofan finds its preferential RC car variant under the RC car exactly. Because beside the RC Car as road speedsters gives it still to Buggys, Truggys, monster truck, truck and Trial.